Gun Safety Champions

During the 2021 Legislative Session, 52 state lawmakers (16 of 16 Democratic Senators and 36 of 42 Democratic Representatives) demonstrated their commitment to banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines by co-sponsoring bills to do so.

By standing up for public safety and striving to implement commonsense solutions to mass murder, these legislative heroes have earned the distinction of being BAWN's first class of “Gun Safety Champions”.

The group comprises approximately 90% of the Democratic Caucus and constitutes a record level of support for the legislation, which is sponsored each year. Sadly, no Republicans chose to prioritize lives over guns by co-sponsoring the bills.

The full list of those receiving BAWN’s 2021 “Gun Safety Champion” designation is below. If you do not see your State Senator or State Representative on the list, it means that they did not co-sponsor the legislation.

State Senators Loranne Ausley; Lori Berman; Lauren Book; Randolph Bracy; Janet Cruz; Gary Farmer; Audrey Gibson; Shevrin Jones; Tina Polsky; Jason Pizzo; Bobby Powell; Darryl Rouson; Linda Stewart; Annette Taddeo; Perry Thurston; and Victor Torres.

State Representatives Ramon Alexander; Kristen Arrington; Robin Bartleman; Kamia Brown; Joe Casello; Kevin Chambliss; Dan Daley; Tracie Davis; Ben Diamond; Fentrice Driskell; Bobby DuBose; Nick Duran; Anna Eskamani; Joe Geller; Joy Goff-Marcil; Michael Grieco; Omari Hardy; Dianne Hart; Yvonne Hinson; Christine Hunschofsky; Evan Jenne; Dotie Joseph; Andrew Learned; Tray McCurdy; Daisy Morales; Angie Nixon; Michele Rayner; Felicia Robinson; Kelly Skidmore; Emily Slosberg; Carlos Guillermo Smith; Allison Tant; Geraldine Thompson; Matt Willhite; Patricia Williams; and Marie Woodson.